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At coxcade, we believe it is success only if it's the right match between the employer and employee. Our team at coxcade work as your partner in order to deliver strategic IT staffing solutions that go beyond the resume to achieve the highest levels of success for both sides of the equation.
All you need to do is provide us with your exact talent requirement and the rest will be taken care by our Staffing specialists.

Direct Hire:

In today's technology world, organizations need to react quickly at changing business environments. coxcade specializes in working at short time period by taking responsibility of the entire hiring process from candidate sourcing to skills assessments. Our team of recruiters and delivery manager's at coxcade ensure the applicant is prescreened and pretested based on your requirements.


coxcade has a huge network and deals with large number of IT Professionals every day. Our strong relations in this industry makes us stand tall turning things alive and creating workable environments. We deliver speciality and unique IT services to our clients with our strong network.

Contract to Hire:

The market has changed and so have the stakes. These days, procuring goods, materials and services involves ever-greater complexities and supplier risks that can affect your profits. Contract to hire staffing allows clients to bring in skilled staff on a contract basis with the option to hire at the end of the contract period. This gives employers more flexibility while cutting down on any project delays which may occur during a typical prolonged search for a fulltime employee.

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